Careers in the Field of Science

The world we live in is quite an amazing and mischievous place. We understand a lot about it, but there are still a lot more things that we do not understand and still seeking an explanation for. The curiosity of man is what led our way towards all the technological and ecological knowledge we have about the universe. We have our scientists to thank for this research. Some people with this genetic curiosity would love to follow a career in science but doubt in the thought of which field to get into with the vast array of options available from astrophysics to molecular biology. Here I give you some of the vivid fields of science you might be interested in. 

  1. Medical Scientist: If you have a medical degree and want to learn and research more, this could be your field. Medical scientists are expected to study diseases. Find cures and ways to prevent them from happening in the first place.

  2. Hydrologist: As the name refers to, a Hydrologist is a person studying the concentrations of water both above and below the earth's surface. This field will require you to have adequate knowledge in water dynamics, environmental science, and geoscience.

  3. Forensic Scientist: Performing the act of scientific investigation is the role of a forensic scientist. Investigating crime scenes and use their knowledge about the sciences and the law to solve the crime. Working with law enforcement officials and in forensic laboratories by applying their scientific and analytical knowledge from the evidence gathered at the crime scene.

  4. Environmental Scientist: Love the environment? Want to help conserve it? This could be your calling. Work on analyzing present environmental conditions, compare with past conditions, evaluate and analyze patterns, propose management plans for preserving the environment. To further improve your position a comprehensive knowledge in fields of Forestry, Environmental science, and planning, Hydrology, Wildlife would be helpful.

  5. Chemist: If chemistry was your favourite subject in school, you would undoubtedly love this job. Working on chemicals and their reactions. Being a chemist you will be expected to find how chemicals can be used to improve our lives.

  6. Biophysicist/Biochemist: Infusing Biology with physics/chemistry opens up a new front of science. As a biophysicist, you will be experimenting and research on the correlation between biology and physics like how living organisms function, how impulses are transferred between nerve endings.  Similarly, a biochemist with chemistry in cases like how cells function, metabolism of oxygen and food, the effect of pharmaceutical drugs on organisms, the effect of toxins and more. A biochemist can contribute to fields like agriculture, medicine, and the environment.
These are just some of the many research options for a science lover. There are plenty more options like in fields of astrophysics and more. Keep in mind that each of these requires a specific specialization in that sector. Before you get there, be well and sure to have a solid foundation. 


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