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Careers in the Field of Science

The world we live in is quite an amazing and mischievous place. We understand a lot about it, but there are still a lot more things that we do not understand and still seeking an explanation for. The curiosity of man is what led our way towards all the technological and ecological knowledge we have about the universe. We have our scientists to thank for this research. Some people with this genetic curiosity would love to follow a career in science but doubt in the thought of which field to get into with the vast array of options available from astrophysics to molecular biology. Here I give you some of the vivid fields of science you might be interested in.  Medical Scientist : If you have a medical degree and want to learn and research more, this could be your field. Medical scientists are expected to study diseases. Find cures and ways to prevent them from happening in the first place. Hydrologist : As the name refers to, a Hydrologist is a person studyi